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Rogers digital cable TV Guide

What are some of the packages available from Rogers Cable?

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Rogers Cable offered 8 television combination packages to eligible customers, as of February 2015. The Digital Plus package, an upgrade to the Digital TV cable package, starts at $63.99 per month and offers over 220 channels a month.

Rogers offers numerous packages designed to emphasize different television preferences. The Extra Sports package includes 225 channels, including sports and speciality channels, for $76.98 a month, while the Extra Lifestyle package includes 225 channels with an emphasis on lifestyle and entertainment channels for $76.98 a month. The Extra Plus package offers over 225 channels with both specialty, sports and lifestyle channels for $76.98 a month.

The VIP package is designed for families and avid television watchers, providing over 270 channels, including family, sports and specialty channels, for $76.98 a month. The VIP Ultimate package is an upgraded version of the VIP package, featuring over 320 channels, including sports, family and movie channels, for $118.96 per month. The best cable package Rogers offers is the VIP Ultimate with Super Channels, offering 320 channels with an extensive selection of sports, family and movie channels for $118.96 per month.

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