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Offers available for a limited time within Rogers cable service area in Ontario (where technology permits) to new customers adding 2 or 3 cable products; or existing cable customers adding one or more new products Subject to change without notice. Taxes extra.

* One-time activation fee of $14.95 applies. Two-year term required. An Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) applies if any one or more Term Services in that bundle are cancelled before your term ends. The ECF is $25/mo remaining in the term, to a max. of $400 if cancelled during 1st year and a max. of $200 if cancelled during 2nd year. Rogers reserves the right to remove bundle benefits if your services are changed or cancelled resulting in you no longer being eligible. Rates for core services protected during the term. Additional optional add-ons and pay-per-use rates are subject to change. Data usage subject to Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. See for full details.

** Savings comparing bundled pricing with regular pricing for individual services and included value added extras.

*** Offer ends September 30, 2016. Twelve (12) months of Netflix four (4) screen Premium streaming plan ($143.88 value) available to new customers signing up for one or more services such that combined services include TV, Internet, Home Phone, and 2-yr Share Everything wireless plan. Existing customers with TV, Internet, Home Phone, and Share Everything wireless plan that activate an additional 2-yr Share Everything wireless line (excludes tablet/data only or wireless home phone lines) also eligible. Eligible customers will receive an SMS with link to sign up to Netflix membership (within 48hrs of activation for customers adding wireless only; within 48hrs of installation for customers adding TV, Internet and/or Home Phone). Customer must redeem offer by October 31, 2016. Netflix compatible device and broadband or mobile Internet connection required to watch instantly. To view in 4K, a 4K compatible device and steady internet connection of min. 25 Mbps required. Netflix usage counts towards internet usage (home or mobile internet); charges may apply. Offer not redeemable or refundable for cash, subject to applicable law, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions. Netflix Service price plans subject to change. Existing Netflix members may apply value of offer to a different Netflix plan (may alter duration of offer). Existing Netflix Basic or Standard plan members electing to upgrade to the four (4) screen Premium plan for the duration of the promotional period will be automatically charged the applicable fee for the Premium plan once the promotion ends unless customer reverts back to one (1) stream Basic or two (2) stream Standard earlier. For details, see

  1. Available for 2 years with subscription to Rogers Ignite 100u and Extra/VIP TV bundle or above and subject to change without notice. Rogers reserves the right to discontinue your Texture by Next Issue subscription if your bundle services are changed or cancelled resulting in you no longer being eligible.
  2. Usage allowances apply on a monthly basis and vary by tier of service. Usage exceeding the data allotment provided is charged in increments (refer to the applicable overage rate for your plan) to a max. $100/month overage). Overage less than 0.5 GB rounded down. Overage greater than or equal to 0.5 GB rounded up to the next GB.
  3. Speeds may vary with internet traffic, server gateway/router, computer (quality, location in the home, software and applications installed), home wiring, home network or other factors. See the Acceptable Use Policy at
  4. Subscription of $8.99/mo required. Standard data overage/roaming charges may apply. MyRogers account registration and compatible device required. Visit for full terms and conditions. Data consumption (at the default "Best" setting) is approx. 2 GB/hr when streamed to a laptop, Apple TV or Chromecast, approx. 1.4 GB/hr when streamed to a compatible smartphone or tablet (iOS 7+/Android 4.1+), and approx. 2.6 GB/hr when streamed to an Xbox 360 (varies based on length of video content, stream quality, device and other factors). Apple TV will not abide by your quality setting on shomi and will always play videos at the best quality available based on your internet connection. Data usage exceeding the amount included in your wireless or internet plan (as applicable) and wireless roaming usage will be charged in accordance with the rates applicable to your Rogers plan. Service only available within Canada.
  5. Includes subscription only. Standard data overage/roaming charges apply. FREE subscription to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVETM for 2 years with a Share EverythingTM wireless plan or select Rogers IgniteTM bundles. My Rogers account registration required. Some blackouts and other restrictions apply based on your location at time of viewing. Subscription includes live access to all out-of-market games, and all national English-language games, including all Stanley CupĀ® Playoffs games. Live access to national French-language games and access to regional English- or French-language games from within the local team broadcast region requires you to have a subscription to the broadcast channel airing the game with a participating TV provider. Full replays of all games available regardless of game type and region. Other conditions apply. Visit for full terms and conditions. Data consumption is approx. 1GB/game when streamed to a smartphone and approx. 2-5GB/game when streamed to a tablet, computer, gaming console or TV (varies based on length of game, stream quality, device and other factors). Data usage exceeding your plan allotment (overage) is charged in increments rounded up to the next MB or GB (as applicable based on your plan). Standard roaming charges apply when not on the Rogers wireless network.
  6. Available for calls to Canada, continental U.S. and Hawaii only. Plan intended for direct dialed conversations/voice messages only, based on 44, 640 minutes / month. Chat lines, data, fax and/or long distance calls made using call forwarding and three-way calling features prohibited.
  7. Available for calls to Canada only. Plan intended for direct dialed conversations or voice messages only, based on a total of 44, 640 minutes available in a month. Chat lines, data, fax and/or long distance calls made using call forwarding and three-way calling features are prohibited.
  8. Plan intended for direct dialed conversations or voice messages. Calls to International service numbers (premium services, International pages services, International Audio to text messaging services and non-geographic numbers) not included. Chat lines, data, fax and/or long distance calls made using call forwarding and three-way calling features are prohibited.
  9. Included for 2 years with select Rogers Ignite bundles. Basic Cable, HD Box and HDTV required to watch programming in high definition. Blackout and other restrictions apply.
  10. Available for a limited time to customers who subscribe. Trial period starts upon account activation. Regular monthly subscription fee (plus taxes) applies after the trial (currently $8.99/mo) unless cancelled earlier by calling 1-888-ROGERS1 or contacting Live Chat. Visit for full terms and conditions.
  11. . Available until October 4th, 2016 to Rogers Digital cable customers, with minimum Select TV package. Customer who subscribes to Super Channel will get 1 month free. Thereafter $10/mo, applies. Cannot be combined with any other Super Channel offers. Regular then current monthly fee will be charged automatically in month 100 (currently $15.99 per month) unless cancelled earlier. HD box required to view HD.
  12. Available until 04/10/16 to Rogers Digital cable customers who do not currently subscribe to The Movie Network and HBO Canada. Regular then current monthly service fee will be charged commencing in month 3 (currently $19.95) unless cancelled earlier.
  13. Customer can change bonus channel option to another bonus channel option included in their package once per bill cycle. Channel availability may vary by region and is subject to change. Rental or purchase of a digital box required.
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