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RCA digital cable

Benchmark BNC to RCA Coaxial Cable for Digital Audio or Analog Video

Rca digital cable

Benchmark Studio&Stage™ BNC to RCA Coaxial Cable

Constructed with 75-Ohm Gepco VSD2001, low-loss, low-jitter, precision impedance coax. This cable is ideal for SPDIF, AES, and multiplexed digital audio formats. For comprehensive broadband shielding, these coaxial cables feature a dual (foil and braid) shield, to protect against high frequency RF and EMI noise and interference. All electrical and mechanical characteristics of this cable are manufactured to precision tolerances and specifications to minimize attenuation, internal reflections, and impedance mismatches. As a result, pulse rounding, bit-errors, and jitter from the cable interconnection are minimized. We use Canare RCA connectors for the best possible impedance match with 75-Ohm coax cable. These precision cables are also well-suited for unbalanced analog audio connections.


  • Digital Audio
  • Analog Audio
  • Analog Video


  • BNC male to RCA male
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Ultra-low Attenuation & Return Loss Gepco VSD2001 Digital Audio Cable
  • Canare BNC & RCA connectors with matching flexible boots.
  • 18 AWG Solid Copper center conductor
  • 95% TC Braid and 100% Foil Shields for great RF and EMI noise protection
  • Conductor DCR: 6.4 ohms / 1000 ft.
  • Shield DCR: 2.8 ohms / 1000 ft.

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