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How to hook up digital cable box?

Connecting your Digital Box to a TV

big-power-1.JPGPlease note: your Digital Box may have come with a instead of the power cable depicted above.

Which video cable should I use

The video cable you use is dependent on the model of your Digital Box and the inputs available on the rear of your television. Look to the rear or side panel of your TV to see what inputs are available (e.g. HDMI, component, RCA).

Please refer the Video section in the Glossary of Cables and Connections for more information about each cable.

    or : for HD video. Coaxial.JPG An HD Digital Box and an HD TV are required to view channels in HD. or : for standard definition video. If you have a standard definition Digital Box and/or a standard definition TV you will use these cables. Or, if you have an HD Digital Box but are connecting to a standard definition TV (i.e. HDMI or Component is not available), you can alternatively connect your Digital Box to the TV using a Composite or Coaxial connection; this configuration will output a standard definition picture to your TV.

Video cables.jpgConnecting a Digital Box to a TV

    Connect the Video/Audio cables to your TV and Digital Box. You may have a few options in which cables to use, depending on which Digital Box you have purchased. The most common cables used are either HDMI (HD picture) or Composite (standard definition picture)

Note:Please remember the port where you connect the video cable on your TV (example: HDMI2, Component 1, etc)

    Power on the Digital Box Press the INPUT or SOURCE button on your TV's remote to change to the correct input which you identified in step 2.
      If you used a coaxial cable to connect the Digital Box to your TV, manually change to channel 3 (4 in some areas) using the buttons located directly on your TV or on your remote that originally came with your TV (not the Shaw Remote)
    You should now see picture. Your guide will take roughly an hour to populate the listings

Additional Note: If you require additional assistance in connecting your Digital Box please contact a Shaw representative for further assistance

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