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Optical Digital audio cable Best Buy

Monster - Silver Advanced Performance 8' Fiber-Optic Audio Cable - Black

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Worth the money Posted by: Ridgely007 from: Hampton, Va on I bought this cable to replace the one that came with my recently purchased Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphones. Although they are GREAT headphones, I would have the occasional loss of sound. It was only for an instant, but it was annoying. Thanks to the Monster Silver FO cable, I no longer have that issue.

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Cable works great Posted by: YBAH8TER from: Long Beach, CA on I use it with my Sony 4K Ultra TV and Sony 7.1 channel soundbar. I can really tell the difference between what was supplied by Sony and the Monster cable. Works as needed Posted by: Burnout from: on Cable was easy to install once I figured the plastic caps on the cable. Poor instructions never used a optical before. Works great and elimates need for hdmi play though of the sound system, just plug and what ever is on the tv plays through stereo. May be a bit more expensive than what is really needed Worth the Extra Cost Posted by: JIMMYT002 from: Evansville, IN on I've purchased less expensive fiber optic cables and they were nothing but trouble. The sound would drop out forcing me to power down and reset my sound bar. Or the connector would just fall out of the back of my tv. This cable does not have any of those problems. The connector snaps in to both the soundbar and the television's optical input. Now I have no loss of sound and I don't have to fight with a cable that constantly falls out the back of my tv.

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Best for sound quality Posted by: Cowboys13 from: on I only buy monster and this product is certainly best for best sound quality. Highly recommend buying monster products always. Now the TV sounds great using stereo speakers Posted by: Tom5 from: on Great digital audio cable Posted by: yourevoltwin from: on Works as designed Posted by: Matt from: on Good cables Posted by: Manders from: on This cable is doing exactly what we need, just as we need it to, at an acceptable price. Great help when looking for this item. Posted by: Thomas01 from: on Great in store help. Really great in store help!!! 2 3 4 5 14

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