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Fiber Optical Digital audio cable

Optical Digital Audio POF Cable Assemblies

Digital Audio Cables, Premium Quality

Toslink, FO-5 and EIA-J

Most modern audio equipment uses a digital format to record and play audio. CD optical disc players and MP3 devices deliver the digital format to a user in analog form. But when transferring audio content between devices, the best way to preserve quality is to send it as digital signals through a digital-audio interface. For this purpose, optical fiber, compared to coaxial wire, is superior because it's immune to electrical interference that can deteriorate the quality of the digital signal.

IFO offers a diverse line of optical fibers. Many of our standard lengths are not available from anyone else. Each item offers advantages, depending on user application. All offer outstanding quality for transmitting optical digital audio.

(One of the first developers of the optical fiber link for digital audio was Toshiba. Its TOSLINK ("Toshiba" plus "link") approach was widely adopted by other manufacturers and has become synonymous with optical digital audio connectors.)

Digital Audio Cables, w Heavy Duty Dual-jacket Fiber
Toslink metal connectors, standard 1.0 mm POF core, 5.0 mm dual-jacket PE/PVC - GHTT4001 Continue>

Digital Audio Cables, w Heavy Duty Fiber Construction Digital Audio Cables, w Heavy Duty Dual-jacket Fiber Digital Audio Cables, w Heavy Duty Dual-jacket Fiber Digital Audio Cables, w Heavy Duty Dual-jacket Fiber

AYAGROUP 20 Ft (20 Feet) TOSLINK Digital Optical Audio Cable Wire (S/PDIF) DTS DOLBY
Speakers (AYAGROUP)
  • 20 feet, black
  • Compatible with ADAT, DAW, Dolby Digital, DTS devices with TosLink interface
  • 5 MM PVC Jacket
  • Precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer
  • AYAGROUP® Registered Trademark
Blusmart Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter with 3.28ft Optical Toslink Cable and 3.5mm Stereo Y Cable Splitter RCA L/R Output for Blu-ray DVD PS3 PS4 DC 5V Adapter
CE (Blusmart)
  • Converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R audio, available for connection to an external device such as an amplifier via standard RCA-style...
  • Supports sampling rate at 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 KHz, perfect for Blu-ray DVD, PS3, PS4 or any other home or music audio converter and adapter.
  • 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels, provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission.
  • Come with 3.28 Feet Optical Toslink Cable, 3.5mm Stereo Y Cable Splitter and DC 5V Adapter, you can use it directly without purchasing any other cables.
  • Small size, easy to install and simple to operate. Fast delivery, friendly customer service with 1 year warranty. █ATTENTION: Only buy from Newpower so that you...

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