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3.5mm to Digital Optical cable

AudioQuest - Toslink-to-3.5mm Mini Optical Adapter - Black

Toslink to Optical Mini Plug

Not What I Thought It Was Posted by: DarkAngel90 from: on This product was recommended to me to purchase for use with my home stereo system. What I was not told is that this adapter CANNOT and WILL NOT work on any system that does not use digital audio signals. I was wanting to convert the optical signal from my 4K tv to my stereo aux port so I could get sound from my stereo instead of my TV. It was not explained to me prior to purchase that this adapter would not convert the audio into a signal my stereo could read. I have an analog system instead of a digital system. For someone who didn't really know much about digital audio conversion and if it could even be converted, this should have been explained. For someone who has a media source that accepts digital audio and they want to use the aux port on the system, I know this would work fine.

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Apple was not clear at all Posted by: BigD from: on This review applies to both Best Buy Service and the product. I purchased an Airport Express with Digital Optical for sound quality. The instructions were not clear an adaptor was required, i was looking for a whole cable, for days online. I went to my local Best Buy Store. It took a less than 5 minutes for the associate in Home Theatre to figure out what I needed. It does the thick. Thanks Best Buy! Great service yet again

Excellent Toslink optical adapter Posted by: bridaw from: on I originally purchased a cheaper Toslink-to-3.5mm mini optical adapter for my HTPC running XBMC to connect to our 5.1 surround system. You get what you pay for sometimes. The cheaper adapter would not stay connected to the end of my Toslink cables. With the slightest bump to the cable the adapter would pop off and kill the audio. This AudioQuest adapter stays put. There is a very positive snap when the adapter is put on the cable and it will not come off until you want to remove it from the cable. It stays plugged into the mac mini as well and won't accidentally come unplugged.

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Doesn't work Posted by: rd218 from: Aurora, Il on Got this to add my new soundbar to my t.v. Plugs in fine but doesn't work. No sound from the sound bar. I know the sound bar works because it sounds fine when i connect it to my directv box.

HDE HDE 10ft Fiber Optic Toslink SPDIF to 3.5mm Miniplug Optical Connector Digital Cable Cord - For Dual Purpose Headphone Jacks
Speakers (HDE)
  • Using a digital audio connection prevents interference and improves sound quality
  • Transmits digital audio from components such as MiniDisc, CD and DVD players, DAT recorders, and modern video game consoles to AV receiver
  • Gold Connectors: Toslink Male to Toslink Mini Plug Male | Size: 10 ft.
  • Package Contents: 1 x Digital Optical Toslink to Toslink Mini Cable
  • HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products

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