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Digital Optical Cables

AudioQuest - OptiLink Forest 4.9' Digital Optical Interconnect Cable - Green

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Cable Posted by: Casey from: on I needed a shorter HD connector so I got that and I believe this cable connects the soundbar I got with the TV. Is it better than standard cables, I really don't know or can't tell. It was installed correctly.

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The sound provided today is “Super Fantastic.” Posted by: Ormond from: The World's Famous Beach on On 1/24/2015 I bought a Samsung 65” LED Curved 4K Ultra HD TV. The cost of the TV was $2, 300. You would think the sound system would be fantastic, it wasn’t. On 1/27/2015 I bought a Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater System. The folks at Best Buy were not sure if the HDMI digital optical cable came with the Bose CineMate 15 system until we opened the box. It was short, so I upgraded to the AudioQuest Forest OptiLink 4.9'. I never used the stock cables from Bose, so I cannot rate the difference. I can say the Bose CineMate 15 system with AudioQuest Forest OptiLink 4.9' cables sound much better than the Samsung 65” LED HD TV stock speakers. It seems to make sense when buying a premium HD TV to upgrade the sound system, thus the cables to then equal the HD TV viewing and sound experience. Is this the right thing to do? The choice is up to you. At least we as consumers have the option. Yes, I am satisfied with all my purchases leading up to the AudioQuest Forest OptiLink 4.9' cables. I would do it all over again if I had a “do over.” The sound provided today is “Super Fantastic.” The HD TV viewing and sound experience is complete.

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Good quality for a good price Posted by: audris from: texas on Hands down better than running HDMI for sound. Very clear quality. Great Product Posted by: gamer from: on Great product. I have audioquest products throughout my home and I am very pleased with the performance. Very satisfied Posted by: Danfan22 from: on AudioQuest - OptiLink Forest 4.9' Digital Optical Interconnect Cable - Green Was a great decision. The salesman recommend them and very satisfied. Thanks again Best Buy! Does it's job Posted by: dill from: on Easy to use Posted by: Margaret from: on Works fine! Posted by: JOHNW89PONY from: on Good quality and easy to use. Works just fine with my new soundbar! It Works Posted by: Jeff6381 from: Houston, TX on I don't know the differences in optical cords but this works fine and I have no complaints. Had to return for another product Posted by: Anonymous from: on It may be the way my receiver is designed rather than a problem with the actual optical cord, but the plastic bubble on the connection point pushed the cord out and prevented it from remaining locked in place in the receiver jack. I returned the product and went with a digital coax instead-same great sound quality without the connection hassle. 2 3 4 5 31

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