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TWC digital cable box

Support for TV Troubleshooting

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco

Note:The most common problems with reception have to do with connection issues.

  • Are all connections secure and hand tight?
  • Are you using the proper connectors and color coding?
  • Are you using a Set-Top Box? If so, is the cable coming from the wall connected to the "IN" jack on the cable box.
  • If you’re not using a cable box, is the cable coming from the wall connected to the "IN" jack on either your auxiliary devices (VCR, DVD player) or your TV?

2. Check the TV

  • Is the proper input selected (i.e., channel 3, Input 1, Input 2, HDMI, etc.)?

3. Check the Set-Top Box

  • Is the power on?
  • Is the proper input selected?

4. Check your VCR, DVD and/or game consoles

  • Are any of these devices connected to your TV? If so, make sure power to those devices is off.

5. Check the cable splitter

  • Are you using a cable splitter? If so, check to make sure it is the correct type.
  • To ensure the best performance with your digital cable signal, use a coaxial cable distributed by Time Warner Cable. We offer coaxial cable in 2-foot, 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot and 10-foot lengths.

6. Complete automated phone self help

  • That you've gone through the online troubleshooting
  • That your TV is on and working properly
  • That your Set-Top Box is on
  • That your connections and inputs are correct

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