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Digital HD cable descrambler

How to Build Cable TV Descrambler Box 2008, hdtv

cable television descrambler, hdtv high definition television lcd hd flat panel box converterSo, rather than rent additional descramblers they simply build their own with our plans for less than an average of $12.00 per unit (parts prices may vary). Now they can connect a descrambler to every television in their home and have the convenience of watching all pay cable channels whenever they wish.

4. Is it hard to build a Descrambler? NO, not at all! The plans include the Radio Shack® part numbers and a detailed description along with a diagram to show you exactly how to assemble the unit. If you can follow seven simple steps and turn a screwdriver, then you can build your own cable TV de scrambler. Why should I buy the plans from you? We have the most complete and up-to-date information on building your own Cable TV Descrambler on the market today. Not only do we provide you with a description of the parts needed, but we also supply you with a Radio Shack® parts list, so you can walk into your local Radio Shack®, and walk out with the parts. Also included with your packet is a detailed diagram on exactly how to build the unit.

This Easy-To-Follow Hobby instructions guide will tell you everything
you need to know to build your own test Cable TV Descrambler...

There are no special tools, skills, or knowledge needed! I think you will agree that building your own Cable TV Descrambler is much more convenient and inexpensive than paying the hundreds of dollars a year in rental fees to your local cable company. With the equipment rental or purchase fees being as high as they are, the average household can only afford a descrambler for one television set, if at all. With these plans you can build as many units as you like. We will provide you with all the information needed.

Parts Needed - Please Check Your Electronic Store:
1. Non metallic (plastic) screw driver
2. Drill to make hole
3. Soldering gun and solder
4. 75pf-100pf Variable Capacitor - click here, we have it in stock
5. 12" no. 12 solid copper wire
6. 12" RG59 coaxial cable
7. 1- 1/4 watt resistor 2.2k ohm (part # 271-1325)
8. 1- Radio S#@Ck mini box (part # 270-235)
9. F61a chassis-type connectors (part # 278-212)

The 7 Easy Step Descrambler Booklet Price: $9.95
1 Variable Capacitor 75pf-100pf Price: .$9.95
4 Variable Capacitor 75pf-100pf Price: .$24.95
All approved orders are shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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