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Digital cable Amplifier

Cable Education

320W+MP3 Digital Power

Confused about what a Cable TV Amplifier is?
Need some straight information about all of the different models?

Not all cable amplifiers are the same. There is a very big difference between the "cheapies" as we call them, and the high quality 1GHz cable TV amplifiers we sell. Read on further to learn more.

Cable TV Amplifier = Cable TV Signal Booster = TV Amplifier = Antenna Amplifier = Drop Amplifier = Drop Amp. These terms all mean the SAME THING when buying an Amplifier.

"Cable TV Amplifier" DOES NOT = "Cable TV Equalizer", or "Drop Equalizer".
Some companies actually advertise Cable TV amplifiers as "Equalizers". This is incorrect. An equalizer is a very specialized product which I will describe below.

There are various Types of Cable Amplifiers. Find out more about each:

Here are some characteristics of amplifiers which help determine how effective they are in providing a good, clean amplification of your signal.

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