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About Cox Digital Telephone Service

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No. There is no charge to switch over to Cox Long Distance. And, Cox Long Distance is simple and affordable.

Why am I still receiving a separate long distance bill from companies like AT&T?

  • Long Distance companies prefer to bill customers directly for their long distance calling, that is why you receive a separate bill.
  • If you select Cox as your long distance provider, we can put all of your local and long distance on one easy to understand bill.

What are some of the Federal Communications Commission charges that I see on my bill?

The Universal Fund Fee was created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help provide affordable telecommunications services for low-income families, to remote areas and advanced services, such as Internet access, to eligible organizations. All long distance carriers pay into this fund. The Carrier Line Fee helps recover a portion of fees paid to local phone companies for access.

Can my long distance company be changed without my permission?

Switching your long distance company without your approval is called slamming, and it's illegal.

  • Slamming: The illegal practice of changing a consumer's telephone service - local, intralata or long distance service - without permission. Such unauthorized switching violates FCC rules, regardless if the change was intentional or unintentional.
  • Cramming: A practice in which customers are billed for enhanced features such as voice mail, caller-ID and call-waiting that they have not ordered. This Definition is provided so that each user will be able to differentiate slamming vs. cramming. Cramming is not to be tracked for purposes of reporting to the FCC.

What is a Universal Connectivity Charge (UCC)?

The FCC requires Cox and other long distance carriers to pay into the Universal Service Fund. This helps provide affordable phone service and gives schools, libraries and rural healthcare providers access to the Internet. Cox is recovering its costs for the required payments into this fund through a separate charge on each residential customer's bill. This charge is called the Universal Connectivity Charge.

What's the difference between Intra-State and Inter-State?

Intra-state refers to calls that originate and terminate within the same state. Inter-state calls originate in one state and terminate in another. Cox Communications is licensed to provide both intra and inter-state services to our customers.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, in most instances, Local Number Portability (LNP) allows a customer to change local exchange carriers and maintain their current phone number, even though they are now serviced by a different provider.

Is Directory Assistance available?

Yes. Directory Assistance is available with Cox Digital Telephone service.

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