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Samsung Digital Optical cable

How to Connect a Samsung Optical Cable to a Denon Receiver

Connect outside equipment to your stereo system with RCA audio cables.Your Denon receiver interfaces with a variety of audio and video equipment, including Samsung DVD players and home theater systems. The connection requires a single optical cable included with your Samsung device. The optical cable transmits stereo audio from the Samsung device to your Denon receiver without having to hook up multiple composite or component cables. No additional cables are required for this quick and easy connection.

Step 1

Power off your Denon receiver and Samsung device, and then unplug both devices. Turn the devices around so the ports on the back of each are facing you.

Step 2

Plug the connector end of your Samsung optical cable into the “Digital Audio, ” “Digital Audio In” or “Optical” port on the back of your Samsung device. The cable snaps into the port.

Step 3

Plug the other end of the cable into the “Optical” port on the back of your Denon receiver, above the “Digital Audio In” heading.

Step 4

Turn the Samsung device and Denon receiver around, plug them in and turn them on. Press the “Setup” button on the Denon receiver's remote control. The "Digital Assign" selection is highlighted on the receiver's setup menu. Press the “Enter” button to open the Digital Assign menu.

Step 5

Press the "Down" arrow button to select the type of Samsung device you connected to the Denon receiver - “DVD, ” “Blu-ray” or “Aux.” If you connected a Samsung home theater system, select “Aux.” Press the “Enter” button.

Step 6

Press the "Left" or "Right" arrow button to select “Optical” and enable the optical cable connection. Press the “Enter” button to finalize the setup. You will now hear audio from the Samsung device through the Denon receiver's speakers. If you do not hear audio, check the connection and adjust the receiver's volume control.

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