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Digital Optical cable to headphone jack

How do I setup wireless headphone on Samsung lcd tv with dig Digital Optical

I am writing this after trying tons of things and doing lots of research on the web and making too many purchases to try and get this to work. And I have still had no luck in doing this properly

So, I was wondering if you can help me out here. I really want to get this done, and I am so close to figuring it out!

Here is what's going on:

I have bought a Samsung LCD TV, and I am trying to install a wireless headphone on it, for my dad, who used to use headphones all the time with the previous TV.

1. This TV has a digital optical audio out exit at the back it.

2. I have bought a wireless senheisser headphone that comes with analog rca audio cables and a digital audio cable. The headphone's transmitter has a "digital in" audio cable.
So, the TV's optical audio signal has to be converted in a way to digital audio out. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
In order to achieve this, I have bought a TOSLINK optical audio to coaxial (rca) converter, along with a toslink optical cable that goes IN the converter. And what comes OUT of the converter is the digital cable, mentioned previously, that came with the headphone purchase.

So, altogether, the TOSLINK optical audio cable is connected to TV, from one side, and connected to the converter from the other side. Then, I have the headphone's digital audio connected to the OUT side of the converter, and the other side connected to wireless transmitter.

With this setting, I turn on the headphone and put it on my head, but still no sound!

My guess is that the problem is either with the optical audio cable or the converter. Because I have tested the headphone and know it is working without the optical devices.

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