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Digital Optical cable Best Buy

AudioQuest - OptiLink Cinnamon 4.9' Digital Optical Interconnect Cable - Red

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For Audiophiles, This Is What You Need Posted by: UltimaSpartacus from: League City on I am a big A/V person, and I run my own personal tests between various cables with various setups. People always say that there is no difference in cabling, but they are wrong. I have a modest setup currently, with a 47LM7600 series LG TV, and an LG NB3520 soundbar system. Nothing too powerful audio-wise, but still a solid setup. I had been using Rocketfish Optical Cabling and it had done a fine job, but lately I had been noticing some distortion watching Game of Thrones, playing Xbox, and much more. I went to my local Magnolia Center to check out AudioQuest, and wanted a cable to reduce that distortion. The shielding gets this done magnificently. A four hour marathon of Game of Thrones allowed me to enjoy all the phenomenal sound that this show and soundbar is capable of. I enjoyed crisper, and fuller sound that the Rocketfish cable. Best of all, no distortions. Rocketfish is a solid cable brand, but if you enjoy pristine audio performance even on mid-range products, you need to consider AudioQuest as a top priority.

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WHAT? Posted by: Darknes from: Derry, NH on Wow I tried upgrading to an Audioquest optical cable and was told they redid the whole line of optical cables. Well when I got it home it fit so tight in the Xbox One S that I could not pull it out of the socket without pulling very very hard on the cable, plus I feel they shrunk the thickness of the cable. I will be returning it cause the ends fit way to snug and you risk damage of the cable when pulling them out. I will just stay with my Monster Cable Silver optical cable.

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Great Cable Posted by: Biggs from: on I was looking for an optical cable to keep an all digital signal in my car stereo. After reading a bunch of reviews online and doing some research I realized there is a big difference in different cables and their price points. I use the cable for hd sound and the quality is awesome. I also tried the cable on my home theater unit and a movie with dolby digital sounded good. Tasted gross Posted by: metlor from: green bay, WI on Quality is important Posted by: LoveLabs from: on When purchasing my TV the expert at Best Buy explained all the added value to purchasing the AudioQuest cables to improve ones viewing experience. I couldn't be more pleased with he outcome. Best Cables Ever Posted by: TheShadow712 from: on I have been in sound and computers for decades & these are the best cables I have ever come across. Monster is just $$ compared to AudioQuest. A blue shirt recommended the AudioQuest cables, so I did my due diligence & read up on them at their website, @ After reading how they make the cables I was doubtful, but after thinking about the mechanics it made sense. I also purchased several HDMI cable's for my new 4K TV & you can tell the difference between regular cables and AudioQuest. I had good optical & HDMI cable's, even a monster cable, when I bought my TV, but when I installed the AudioQuest cables my TV & sound came alive. Very clear Posted by: Phill from: on Great Digital Optical Cable Posted by: SomeGuy27 from: Spokane, WA on I bought this cord to connect my Panasonic 65VT50 to my MartinLogan Motion Vision sound bar. I have heard nothing bad about AudioQuest so I decided to go with that brand for my digital optical cable. Figured with a high end TV and high end audio, I didn't want to sacrifice the audio quality with a cheap/inexpensive cable that wasn't as good. I went with the cinnamon cable because it didn't break the wallet and was still very high quality and it seems that decision was a great one so far. The audio from the sound bar and the subwoofer is amazing so the cable must be doing its job! Would recommend this cable to anyone with high end audio that doesn't want to lose good audio quality. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, the cable is pretty sexy for a cable!

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Quality sound for sure Posted by: Witzkid from: on Good for 4K or 1080 Posted by: Rmetz2014 from: on Don't go cheap with your cables when it comes to 4K or a good 1080 tv. These are a must. 2 3 4 5 8

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