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Coaxial Digital Audio cable to RCA Adapters

Insignia™ - Optical/Coaxial Digital-to-Analog Converter - Black

Digital Optical Toslink SPDIF
Works As Expected- Crisis Avoided Posted by: oliviasdad123 from: on Recently bought a fantastic LG 55 in. 4K HD television, not even expecting to open it and find it only has Optical and HDMI out ports for sound. I really did not want to replace a $500 Polk Audio Sound Bar and Sub simply because it only has RCA "in" connections. This adapter works as advertised. No loose connections as reviewed by some others. My adapter worked right out of the long as you don't count the twenty minutes or so I stood there trying to figure out that I needed the switch (on the side) set to "optical" because that's the cable I had. Just really relieved that I only had to spend under $40 and NOT another $400.

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Might actually be a 5 star product Posted by: Medrod from: Everett, WA on Samsung is getting cheap on their new, high tech TV's. I bought a SUHD TV and wanted to connect it to my sound system, however, Samsung no longer includes analog ports. I bought this D/A Converter, connected it, turned it on and, presto, all was well with my old sound system. I have one problem and I'm not sure if it is the TV or this converter. Being a "smart" TV, I can choose other sources to switch on. If I go to YouTube, the Internet, or some (but not all) alternative sources eg. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, I get a horrible buzzing that goes away if I switch back to the TV's audio. Bottom line for me is that it is an inexpensive fix to my problem and a minor inconvenience. I just wish I knew what's the cause of the incompatibility.

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Digital Optical Audio Cable has loose fit!!! Posted by: MrPhilip from: on I bought a RocketFish DOAC with the Insigna Optical/Coax Digital-to-Analog Converter in store at Best Buy. When I got home and started the connection process I learned that the cable DOES NOT FIT SNUGGLY in the Optical In port. Returned to store and went with another brand converter.You can hear the proper 'snap' of the cable into the TV. The cable will not fall out of the tv, but it will easily 'slip' out of this converter which has no 'snap' when you plug it in.

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Digital to Analog Audio Converter Posted by: YenkoCamaro from: on My Xbox One doesn't have analog audio, so I purchased this converter so I could connect to my PC speakers. The sound is great! This product works! Posted by: Lyricallyspeaking from: on I bought this so I could listen to my TV through my older stereo system. It works! I just had to remember to lower the volume on the TV. I can listen to Pandora through my floor speakers, instead of the tiny TV speakers. Two stars. Posted by: Optical from: on The optical connection does not hold the optical cable in place. Thank god for duck tape! The adapter does its job and it works. Works great. Posted by: suptrlr from: on Needed this to use my old Bose speaker system with the new TV Works great. Works Great Posted by: wanderinghobbit from: on I needed this converter in order to use wireless headphones with my tv because it was a little older and didn't have all the available outlets required. It was a life saver and set up was pretty straightforward. The headphones work perfectly with clear audio and haven't had a problem.

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