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Western digital External hard drive USB cable

WD - My Book 4TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black

USB Cable Cord Lead for
Quiet, Good software package. Posted by: petridish38 from: Gainesville, Florida on I have been using this drive as a backup drive (Windows 10 File History) for almost a month without issue. In my opinion the software (if you are someone will use it) is better than Seagate. This drive is also quiet. What I don't like is that this drive is not designed to be placed horizontally (on its side). This is probably for ventilation reasons as heat will have a harder time escaping on its side. Even when I placed it vertically (standing up), the drive got pretty warm while in operation (upwards of 110-115 degrees F). Sure there are debates that this type of heat won't lead to premature failure. I will leave that up to you. I am just stating what I observe. I really wanted to put this drive on its side so I attached my own rubber feet to the side to elevate it off my desk which reduces vibration sounds and increases ventilation under the unit. I also bought a small USB fan that I use to cool the device. The fan is probably a little overkill, so feel free to do what you want with your drive.

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Perfect for additional storage Posted by: colero from: on I needed additional space for my iTunes library on my iMac and this drive worked perfectly. It isn't the fastest drive, but it is more than fast enough for iTunes and it's hard to beat the price for 4TB. The drive enclosure is much larger than "portable" USB drives, and you wouldn't want to carry it around in your laptop bag, but it is plenty small enough for desktop use. This drive is a great way to add storage to your Mac (it works with Time Machine too).

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Bad for XBOX One Posted by: MeMe from: on I bought this in Dec 2015 as a Christmas gift for myself as an external storage for my XBOX One. I purchase all of my games Digitally The 4TB size helped in the fact that I could keep all of my games on hand rather than re-downloading them. The fist month it worked perfectly, after that my games started crashing. Surprisingly it happened slowly, one crash a week, then every other day, every day, until I couldn't access my games at all.I thought my XBOX had died but every game that was on the physical system worked. I don't know if I got a DUD WD or if it was dropped in the warehouse but I have had far better success with the 5TB Seagate. Thank goodness for the protection plan! Western Digital 4TB External Hard Drive Posted by: Stew from: Fayetteville, NY on Now own five of these excellent hard drives (of varying capacities). They are easy to install (I hope everyone reads the instructions for the first installation, then you need never do it again!). Plug the data cable into the drive and into a USB 3.0 port (it will work in a USB 2.0 port, but you will lose some speed). Plug the electrical cord into the drive, then into a power sourse. I always use a buffered or otherwise protected power sourse. WINDOWS (I use WIN 7) does the rest. I am please with this and all of the WB My Book drives I have purched. Works on Xbox One Posted by: RaidBoss from: on Simple to use. I opened the box, connected it to the Xbox One, it requested to format the drive. Once complete, I had 4TB of external hard drive space as expected. I have not seen any lag or speed loss when playing full games off of this drive. I recommend for increasing consol HDD space.

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Good Posted by: cjptll from: on I purchased this to use as a Time Machine backup on my Mac. The box says that it can be used with a Mac but it has to be reformatted. It wasn't quite that easy. The Mac wouldn't recognize it at all, but after researching the issue, I found that I had to start up with the disk that came with my Mac, and use Disk Utility to format AND write zeros to the entire disk (to get rid of the pre-installed Windows backup software). For a 4TB drive, that took a full day. Once the drive was formatted for Mac, it worked fine.

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