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Orange digital audio cable

How do I connect my sound bar to the TV, BluRay, DVD, and DISH ?

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S.O.S.!!! Recent purchase of VIZIO M422i SmartTV - over weekend discovered that I need to upgrade modem to utilize 'smart' features (due to WEP, WPA security issues). Will work on that after posting this!
Assembled new TV stand, managed to get new TV connected to DISH receiver. [After you read further you'll get what a huge accomplishment that was - for me. Then connected Panasonic Blu Ray DVD player: Panasonic HDMI to TV HDMI 2; DISH HDMI to TV HDMI 3 [DVD is on HDMI-2 but clicking input have to select DVD to view TV - oops - need to rename! ]
Adding SOUND BAR seems impossible; It has NO HDMI (in or out). Sound bar has (connections): marked AUX (1), white, red; marked DIGITAL (3), orange; marked OPTICAL 4; marked AUX (2), black, dig. opt.; marked USB (6), marked USB. Cables included with sound bar: [I think RCA audio] red, white on one end, single black on the other end; [I think dig. coax] orange connector on each end;; digital optical (TOSLINK) cable.
STILL not used on TV: Rear: Audio out, L (white), R (red); Audio out - optical; HDMI - ARC; SIDE: Component: R (red), L (white), Pr (red), Pb (blue), V (green) and HDMI and USB.
Still unused on DISH receiver: [For TV-1] Video Out L (yellow), R (white) and Audio R (red); with blue -Y, Green - Pb, Red - Pr; Audio Out - optical; Digital audio output.

Pretty obvious that I am NOT tech savvy. On a scale of 1-10, I'm probably in the minus range so, please, I'm a) desperate for feedback/assistance, but I need the crayon, a/b/c versions.
I've made multiple unsuccessful attempts to connect sound bar has been unsuccessful (altho' in the process I managed to have negative affect on other connections.) I JUST tried using TOSLINK between TV and DISH receiver - and for the first time, that paired the sound bar to the subwoofer but still no sound. (And yes, I did go in and modify audio settings - turned TV speakers off, changed to bitstream (dig. audio out); fixed (analog audio out). [MAJOR problems with remote, TV not responding to remote commands but I'll deal with that as well - IF I can get other things resolved.]

I DID go back to Sam's Club last nite, hoping to see how sound bars are connected to TV;s - they didn't have even one TV connected to a sound bar, and no surprise, no one knew anything except 'you just pretty hook them up and it works' followed by 'why did you buy a sound bar?'

Do I have to connect sound bar to TV AND Dish receiver? and not to DVD? Is some type of connector, adapter or splitter needed? (If so, depending on cost, would I be better off to forget about sound bar, or buy another level up (hopefully one that wouldn't require anything additional)? Or - can this just not be connected?? HOW to connect???

Note: I don't have TV-2 connected right now, there were weeks of problems for installer to get that right . Not something I can face right now - my focus needs to be getting NEW TV and sound bar connected and working properly - or returned while I can still return.

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