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Digital Coaxial cable

How to Choose the Best Digital Coaxial Cables

Coaxial CablesChoosing the right digital coaxial cables is important; if you choose the wrong ones, your digital entertainment will not work properly. A digital coaxial (DC) cable looks almost like an RCA connector, but instead of analog signals, it transmits digital data. A DC cable is also thicker than typical audio cables because it uses the same type of cable that you use to connect your cable box and television. In essence, a digital coaxial cable looks like an analog coax cable that has two RCA connectors attached to it.

DC cables have either silver or copper wire inside the cable, and the inside wire is shielded from interference by aluminum foil.. DC cables are made this way because the signals are transmitted electronically, and it is easier for the electrical signal to pulse through silver or copper as well as aluminum.

Digital coaxial cables are typically more expensive than regular analog cable because they are thicker and shielded. However, they are built to last so you may not have to replace DC cables for many years, depending on their usage and care.

Differences Between RCA and Digital Coaxial Cables

Other than the price, there are differences between the two cables. First and foremost, RCA only makes analog cables, which will simply not work for electrical transmitting. Buying them will not make any digital product work properly or at all.

  • DC cable offers 75-ohm impedance, which is generally recommended
  • DC offers a wider frequency of bandwidth
  • RCA cable will provide interference from other electric devices, such as lighting
  • RCA does not have the bandwidth of DC cable

Another difference between the two cables is that with digital coaxial cables, one single cable can carry all channels, so there is no need to have separate right and left stereo signals. This cannot happen with RCA cable. You must have one for left and one for the right side and if you plug the right into the left, you will not be able to hear anything.

Standard Types of Digital Coaxial Cable

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