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Digital Coaxial Cable

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Digital Coaxial cable Converter

Posted by on August 27, 2016 – 08:09 am

Digital Coaxial cable Converter

Easy to connect Optical Audio to an older AV Unit Posted by: dfalzone1 from: Williamsville, NY on I was looking for an easy way to connect my new Smart TV optical TSOiink audio to an RCA A / V Unit. The Dynex unit was inexpensive and connected to my older RCA Cables that went from the TV to the an RCA cable based A / V unit. There is a noticeable 50 millisecond delay when the TV and A / V unit sound are oin together. An easy fix? I now shut off the sound on my TV and use the the A / V unit only. Problem fixed. I do however get chatter/static when…

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